Textile + Apparel

A range of printers specifically designed for the Textile & Apparel market, including direct and sublimation printing on an array of fabrics and garments. Meeting and exceeding the growing needs of the apparel, sportswear, home & hospitality décor, and soft signage segments is Mimaki’s goal.

Direct Textile


Super Wide Direct Sublimation Printer

Significantly reduces production time through its simultaneous performance of printing and color fixation.


Belt Driven Direct-to-Fabric Printer

Developed to print direct to a broad range of natural and synthetic fabrics.


Wide Format Direct-to-Fabric Printer

Capable of printing direct onto almost any type of natural or synthetic fabric.

Textile Sublimation


Dye-Sublimation Transfer Inkjet Printer

Offers new levels of quality and productivity allowing for unattended continuous printing.


Super Wide Dye-Sublimation Printer

Industrial build quality and innovative technical features ensure new levels of performance and reliability.


High Quality Sublimation Transfer Printer

Delivers cost effective dye-sublimation printing, while also maintaining high productivity.


Entry Level Sublimation Transfer Printer

Equipped with a set of features allowing users to bring high-mix, low-volume print productions in-house.

Industrial Textile

Tiger-1800B MKII

Industrial High Speed Textile Printer

Combines a highly stable performance with advanced print technology.